Our Ten Words

Our top 10 words for describing your experience at The Villa


At The Villa, we are focused on the needs of your event. We have no hotel rooms to attend to, no members at the country club grill, no restaurant patrons. All we need to do is focus on taking care of your event.


With a location convenient to Washington, Baltimore, Howard, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, Prince Georges, BWI, 495 and 95, we couldn’t be more centered. And that makes it easy for your guests to join your event.


Not only do we take care of your guests during your event, but we are located within walking distance from a Marriott property and across the street from a Sheraton. This makes it easy for your guests to retire safely for the evening.


From the Mediterranean decor to the simple elegance and grace of our Grand Ballroom & Renaissance Suite, your guests will be surrounded by beauty from the moment they come through the doors.


Personal touches make all the difference to the experience of an event. A napkin re-folded over the back of a guest’s chair when he returns to the table, special vegetarian meals we have prepared at your request, the brand of Scotch your uncle likes, all contribute to a wonderful day.


Catering by Uptown will bring you delightful presentations of classic dishes and dress the seating tables with style and flair according to your preferences.


Throughout your planning process, we will respond to you quickly and thoughtfully, so that you can avoid stress at every turn. From recommending a florist to helping word your invitations, the staff at The Villa will do what it takes to make you happy.

Simple Elegance

Not too showy, but clearly elevated elegance in every way.


Your guests will share their happy memories of your day together for years to come. We realize that while we are planning your day, you are taking the step of a lifetime, and this day will remain with you forever.


In every way, you will find the experience you will have the The Villa complete, satisfying, and utterly delightful.